Serving the length and breadth of Canada, Wright-IT provides complete hardware and software solutions to companies and homes. We are known for offering a full spectrum of services such as technical solutions, consulting, technical helpdesk, and field engineering support. The services are supported by our team of technical experts and their troubleshooting skills are the hallmark of the reliable support that Wright-IT offers.

Our experienced and proficient engineers are equipped with the best skills and knowhow because of which they are able to solve problems within expected timeframes. Since they think out-of-the-box, they are also able to solve various customer problems, while avoiding technical glitches.


Web browsers

New and innovative web browsers are constantly being introduced in the market. We help you to identify the right web browser for your enterprise to keep your network fast and safe.

Propriety software

Companies need reliable software to function seamlessly. We enable acquisition of all propriety software to companies looking for transitions or for fresh implementations. The intellectual property copyrights results of such an implementation tend to lie with the owner.

Computer security software

Wright-IT enables companies to manage the security and safety of their computers and software. The right software enables companies to maintain security, protects them from unauthorized access, and defends the network security.

Email servers and clients
Robust email servers and clients enable delivery to destinations across the globe in a secure manner. Improve your sender reputation by finding a reputable and reliable email program.

Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation software

We enable companies to use the best accounting software to manage accounting requirements such as banking, PO management, inventory management and report making. We provide software that is effective but easy to use so that you are able to create accurate financial reports.

Business productivity software

Productive business applications serve two important purposes for any business—it improves efficiency of the workplace and enables better data analysis. We suggest and implement the right softwares to create reliable databases, spreadsheets, worksheets and presentations.

Graphic design software

Companies regularly require high quality graphic editing softwares to meet multifarious needs. We offer software solutions that are packed with extensive features to enable you to generate excellent creatives. This is particularly useful for companies providing high-end technical solutions and services.

When your IT equipment does not function properly, it impacts your work, your deadlines and the company’s bottomline. Our support team comprises certified professionals who provide all types of repair and maintenance services for your hardware. We also provide quick installation and configuration of different hardware solutions. We have xx fully-owned centres that allow us to service businesses across the country. We are authorized partners for xxx global brands, which enables us to provide end-to-end service lifecycle. With integrated solutions under a single umbrella, we are able to provide superb customer service as well.